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E Windowing System 1.0.1

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March 19 2012


E Windowing System 1.0.1


Eiffel windowing system (EWS) is an Eiffel library which provides a small stand-Alone system windowing. Eiffel Windowing System (EWS) is an Eiffel library which provides a small stand-alone windows system.The current implementation is based on the Simple Direct Library (SDL), but the graphic design allows other backends.Besides the basic functionality of the windowing system (windows overlapping, crossing and event handling, graphics operations, the input froum mouse and keyboard), a small widget-toolkit is included (buttons, scroll bars, labels , etc..) It is especially Well Suited for applications where a fine degree of control over the presentation and synchronization is required. Multimedia applications and games are the usual examples.Here are some key features of "E windowing system" · transparency (alpha channel) · support can load most standard image formats via libSDL_image (PNG, JPEG, GIF , Windows Bitmap ...) · usually coded in OO Eiffel. Only a small C module handling SDL interface. All API is OO. · Complete control over the appearance of application. Simple design ·, easily extendable to these new event types, new gadgets, etc. · fast enough even in the old slow computers (if you compile require_check level or less). · License widgets LGPLSupported: • The toolbox to go with the SAP user interface includes · buttons: push buttons Trigger commands · toggle buttons: controls that switches its state (may they be used to implement the boxes check and radio buttons) · Input text: A line of text input, manipulation of the cursor keys. Selection not yet implemented (the kernel is capable of selection, but not the UI). · Labels: a simple text label · Multiline labels: Labels spanning multiple lines with optional packing Marquees ·: As a label, but a longer message scroll sideways · Images: An image · Animation: A space of animation screen · Drag Handles: An area that can be dragged to move the other window. As useful as the title bar. · Scrollbars: The usual stuff, with buttons at the end and a slider that can be slipped. (only vertical scroll bar out now) · adding gadgets to the toolkit is very simpleRequirements: · SmartEiffel 1.2 · SDL 1.2, with the development libraries · Eiffel utils 0.3

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