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Easy SVN Browser 1.10

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March 31 2012


Easy SVN Browser 1.10


Easy SVN is a Subversion browser via the Web. Easy SVN Browser is easy because only one program from the command line svn and Perl are required to run and no additional software must be installed. After configuring the Perl script as cgi-bin program, SVN repositories can be navigated, and entries viewed for contents, history and diffs.Installation: Follow these steps for quick installation of web-svn seen: 1 . Log in as the user running the web server (eg www). 2. As this user, make sure you have read access to your repository. After a svn command to ensure that if necessary, you are prompted for a username and password. Once the viewer is running, connections must be made automatically. 3. Get web-svn-view by getting the archives. Save the archive on your disk such as / tmp / web-svn-view-latest.tar.gz. 4. Change-dir to a Directory where the webserver will run the viewer. 5. Unpack using tar xzf / tmp / web-svn-view-latest.tar.gz. Note the full paths to directories cgi-bin content, css and img. In the following example we assume that The Directory is / Users / e / src / e. 6. Cgi-bin/web-svn-view edit and modify configuration variables at the beginning of the file. The variables are documented in the script. 7. Edit the configuration file server. For example, for Apache, edit httpd.conf and add the following lines: ScriptAlias / svnbin / Users / e / src / e / web-svn-view / cgi-bin Alias / svncss / Users / e / src / e / web-svn-view/css Alias / svnimg / Users / e / src / e / web-svn-view / img <Location /> Order deny, allow Deny from all </ Location> <Situation / svnbin> Order allow, deny Allow from all </ Location> <Situation / svncss> Order allow, deny Allow from all </ Location> <Situation / svnimg> Order allow, deny Allow from all </ Location> You need to provide the correct directories on your system. 8. Restart the webserver.9. Point your browser to http://yoursite/svnbin/web-svn-view.What's new in this version: · This version has a tooltip Javascript library to see "stuff" onmouseover for all icons in the SVN viewer. • The display file contents very large set (above the display would scale poorly in some browsers). · There are other small code changes and updates the Documentation.

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