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namespace::autoclean 0.08

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March 19 2012


namespace::autoclean 0.08


Keep imports out of your namespace When you import a function in a Perl package, it will naturally also be available as method.namespace: autoclean is a Perl module which will remove all Symbols imported by the end of the package being compiled cycle. The functions called in the package itself will still be bound by their names, but they will not appear as methods on your class or module instances.This is very similar to namespace:: clean, except that it will clean all imported functions, regardless of whether you have imported before or after using the MMAP. It will also touch anything that resembles a method, according to Class:: MOP:: Class:: get_method_list.If you write an exporter and want to clean up after you (and your peers), you can use the switch to specify cleanee how to clean package: package My:: MooseX:: namespace:: autoclean; use strict; use namespace:: autocleanclean () # no cleaning, just import under load (namespace:: autoclean-> Import ( -cleanee => scalar (caller ),);) SYNOPSIS package foo; use namespace:: autoclean; use some: QW Package / imported_function /; bar sub (imported_function ( 'stuff')) # later: foo - > bar, # foo-> imported_function; # fail. has imported_function clean after compiling

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