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N:PyTpl 0.5.1

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March 17 2012


N:PyTpl 0.5.1


N: PyTpl (Nec's Python Template System) model is a script written in Python. N: PyTpl just Python Template System and NEC is a model written in script analysis Python.It templates and creates eg HTML as output. Therefore, it is ideal to use for HTML pages, because it reduces the redundancy minimum.TemplatesFiles an absolute file extension:. TplComments-comments begin with the character '#' - only a complete line can be commented outTags-tags are written in brackets and should be a line: [Tag] - Spaces in front of a label may, while following tag is called "arguments", every single line is an argument-TAG (arg1, arg2) shows the definition above, the name tags: + can be any char - umlauts are not preventable + should not begin with a dollar sign '$' - these are handled by the system (different) + should not consist of special characters in general, newlines (n) are deleted from argument - this can be prevented by an exclamation point '! at the end of the tag: [Tag] - If an option-tag should be disabled (eg $ PARENTS_LINK), a question mark "?" is used at the end of the name [Tag?] - Otherwise, you can mention "no" as an argument, if a tag be set as a constant (ie it is not looked up in loops) , add an equation sign '=' for the name of the tag: [tag =] - it is not possible to define several indicators in a tag-if arguments are w / oa tag, they are said to belong the tag $ MAIN (QV) Taggy - Taggy These expressions, which are replaced by the arguments of the tag before they are written between double curly braces: (()) Taggy - Taggy names + _must_ have the same name as the corresponding tag + ==> Same-restrictions if taggy cannnot be replaced, the whole argument is removed - this can be avoided by termination excl. Note: ((Taggy!)) - in this case, the output Taggy will show (()) - if a taggy should not be treated in a loop, add an equation sign for the end: (()) = Taggy what's New in This Release: Increased · loop performance A new type loop, standard models and directly to the source.

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