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Oak::Web::HTML::A 1.8

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March 15 2012


Oak::Web::HTML::A 1.8


Oak:: Web:: HTML:: A is an HTML tag (container). Oak:: Web:: HTML:: A is an HTML tag (container). A container for objects within a tree A tag.Perl Component Oak - Web Interface Components. This device makes the library web components used to create web interfaces for your applications. See also Forest Web Application Builder, a tool that uses this module.The Perl Oak Component is an implementation of a comprehensive framework for designing enterprise applications. · Basic models for OOP (liboak-perl), interface development · (liboak-web - and future liboak perl-gtk-perl, liboak-tk-perl, liboak-qt-perl) Business · Control (liboak-perl , liboak-Controller-entityhelper-perl) • Data Management (packages liboak-io-dbi-perl, libfile-dbi-perl, liboak-dbientity-perl) · authentication and authorization (liboak-ASA-perl, liboak -AAS-Service-dbi-perl, liboak-AAS-Service-dbinpam-perl) · Distributed System (liboak-soap-perl) · System Configuration (liboak-Filer-xml-perl, liboak-io-config-perl) · Logging (liboak-io-log-perl, liboak-io-log-syslog-perl)

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