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Parrot::Configure::Options::Test 0.5.2

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March 27 2012


Parrot::Configure::Options::Test 0.5.2


Parrot:: Configure:: Options:: Test is a Perl module used to perform the configuration and develop tests with use Parrot:: Configure:: Options; use Parrot:: Configure:: Options:: Test; process_options $ args = ((argv => [@ ARGV], mode => q (configure ),)); $ opttest = Parrot:: Configure:: Options:: Test-> new ($ args); $ opttest-> run_configure_tests (); $ opttest-> run_build_tests () on line command: # run tests of configuration tools, then configure perl - test = # Configure Configure, then run tests to build tools perl - test = build # run tests tools configuration, then configure, # then testing tools to build perl - testtest suites were built for those who test configuration Parrot and build tools are written in Perl 5. These tests are not necessarily run when you call make test. In any event, the execution of these tests as part of make test, in a sense, the race too late. If you have successfully called and make, you have implicitly demonstrated that the configuration tools and build working (mostly) So running tests of these tools is post-make some redundant.On little contrast, testing the configuration tools are significant if they are executed before is invoked, and even test construction tools are significant if they are executed before closure is invoked. Parrot:: Configure:: Options:: Test provides functionality for the execution of such tests.SUBROUTINESnew () Purpose Parrot:: Configure:: Options:: Test constructor.Arguments an argument: The hash reference is the value of return Parrot:: Configure:: Options:: process_options (). Return Value Parrot:: Configure:: Options:: Test object.Commentrun_configure_tests () Purpose Test Run of None.Comments tools.Arguments Parrot None.Return configuration value tests to be performed are listed in @ Parrot:: Configure:: Options: : Test:: preconfiguration_tests. Modify this list to run different tests. Currently, this table executes all tests in t / configure / *. t.run_build_tests () Purpose Test Run of Parrot construction tools. Also, run the tests some aspects of the configuration process, which for reasons of inheritance, must run after finished None.Comments None.Return execution.Arguments value tests to be performed are listed in @ Parrot: : Configure:: Options:: Test:: postconfiguration_tests. Modify this list to run different tests. Currently, this table executes all tests in: / t postconfigure / tt/tools/pmc2cutils *. / *. tt/tools/ops2cutils / *. tt/tools/ops2pmutils / Requirements *. t: · Perl

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