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Q Desktop Services 0.4.4

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March 19 2012


Q Desktop Services 0.4.4


QDS is a library for developers of Qt that provides a multi-platform access to additional features of API Various office. The QDS library enables Qt applications to access features provided in the API so common office phone, without requiring any library.This dependencies on desktop platform is particularly useful for applications targeting Unix workstations because Qt / X11 is very generic and only provides functions that can be implemented on all platforms submarine. All Codes of the library is licensed under 2-clause BSD implementations licence.Service are loaded from plugins, which, through libraries respective offices. The plug-in to use can be specified on the command line application in the configuration file or QDS QDS can try to automatically detect platform.What running New in this version: · GNOME autodetection use in case plugin is GNOME_DESKTOP_SESSION_ID • Set an example Replaced original application with an application of simple text editor but conscious support network · for Wildcard entries in mailcap

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