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UDPM 0.88

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March 13 2012


UDPM 0.88


UDPM is a Perl extension for User Dialogs. UDPM is a Perl extension for User UDPM Dialogs.Synopsis use my $ d = new UDPM (( 'backtitle' => 'Demo', 'color' => 1, 'cr-wrap' => 1, 'height' = > 20, 'width' => 70, 'list-height' => 5, "without Shadows' => 1)) $ d-> MsgBox (( 'title' => 'Welcome', 'text' => [B] Welcome [/ b] [u] a [/ u] and [R] all [/ R] !'}); ABSTRACTUserDialogPerlModule is simply a wrapper for OOPerl dialogue application (s). This version supports UDPM dialog, CDialog (aka: Ver dialog. 0.9b), whiptail, gdialog and kdialog. There is also a dialogue in ASCII mode (as a fallback for systems without an option dialog). UDPM strives to be comprehensive and robust in all that regards the end of simple user interfaces. Care was taken to provide a clean object oriented interface to common command line utilities and provide a native ASCII interface simulating of various widgets.

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