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Variable Expression Library 1.1

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March 19 2012


Variable Expression Library 1.1


Variable Expression Library is a C + + library that expands "variables" in the text buffer. Libvarexp is a C + + library that allows its users to detach any type of information representation of this information by providing a simple to use, but powerful text model mechanism.Similar mechanisms were available in tools such as sh (1), make (1) or perl (1) Forever and have proven to be very useful.The basic idea is that relevant information is made available in the variables that the author's model may use in the text itself when he or she sees fit.Consider, for example, a tool that will calculate The Monthly financial reports of a small company.Such program should calculate the required values, it should not worry about the drafting of reports resulting in an HTML file, CSV file, or any desired format. Instead, it should make the results available in Calculating the variable "$ Sales", "$ RESULT", and "raise $". Then, using libvarexp could load any template file and the actual values are inserted into the winrar positions. Without changing a single line of code, we could generate the monthly report in HTML

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