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w3mir 1.0.10

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March 19 2012


w3mir 1.0.10


All purpose HTTP-copying and mirroring tool You may specify many options and one HTTP-URL on the w3mir command-line.A single HTTP URL must be specified either on the command line or in a URL directive in a configuration file. If the URL refers to a directory it must end with a "/", otherwise you might get surprised at what gets retrieved (e.g. rather more than you Expect).Options must be prefixed with at least one - as shown below, you can use more if you want to. -cfgfile is equivalent to --cfgfile or even ------cfgfile. Options cannot be clustered, i.e., -r -R is not equivalent to -rR.SYNOPSISw3mir [options] [HTTP-URL]w3mir -B [options] < HTTP-URLS >w3mir is a all purpose HTTP copying and mirroring tool. The main focus of w3mir is to create and maintain a browsable copy of one, or several, remote WWW site(s).Used to the max w3mir can retrive the contents of several related sites and leave the mirror browseable via a local web server, or from a filesystem, such as directly from a CDROM.w3mir has options for all operations that are simple enough for options. For authentication and passwords, multiple site retrievals and such you will have to resort to a "CONFIGURATION-FILE". If browsing from a filesystem references ending in '/' needs to be rewritten to end in '/index.html', and in any case, if there are URLs that are redirected will need to be changed to make the mirror browseable, see the documentation of Fixup in the "CONFIGURATION-FILE" secton.w3mirs default behavior is to do as little as possible and to be as nice as possible to the server(s) it is getting documents from. You will need to read through the options list to make w3mir do more complex, and, useful things. Most of the things w3mir can do is also documented in the w3mir-HOWTO which is available at the w3mir home-page ( as well as in the w3mir distribution bundle.

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