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YAML::Old 0.81

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March 19 2012


YAML::Old 0.81


Old/Classic Perl Perl YAML YAML YAML Module:: Old is the former YAML Perl module. The old man who was on CPAN, from early 2002 to late 2008. were made in a single interface module.For almost all of your old code that you do not need to change something. This still works: use YAML; my $ clone = $ object Load Dump; The Difference is that now (the new) will search for the best module YAML implementation available on your system. See YAML:: Any. If you really need the behavior of old, do this: use YAML:: Old; my $ clone = $ object Load Dump, or this: use YAML-Old; my $ clone = $ object load dump, the rest This documentation has been largely left alone. I changed to YAML:: Old. Later, I will recast by a more detail.SYNOPSIS YAML:: Old; # Load a YAML stream of 3 YAML documents into Perl data structures. My ($ hashref, arrayref $ string, $) = Load (<< '...') --- Name: Ingy Age: old weight: heavy # I should comment that I like pink, but do not tell person. favorite Colors: - red - green - blue --- - Clark Evans - Oren Ben-Kiki - Ingy dot net ---> You probably Think YAML stands for "Yet Another Markup Language". It is not! YAML is really a language for data serialization. But if you think like a markup, that's OK with me. Many people try to use XML as a serialization format. "YAML" is catchy and fun to say. Try it. "YAML, YAML, YAML!" ... # Dump the Perl data structures back into YAML. Print Dump ($ String, $ arrayref, $ hashref); # YAML:: Old:: Dump is used the same way 'd use Data:: Dumper:: Dumper use Data:: Dumper; print Dumper ($ string, hashref $ arrayref, $);

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