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K3b Monkey's Audio plugin 3.1

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April 6 2012


K3b Monkey's Audio plugin 3.1


K3b Monkey's Audio Plugin is a K3b plugin for decoding and encoding. I ended long ago, but was not sure of the Release due to issues.But licenses for the author of Monkey Audio SDK did not answer my mails in several months and his home page it says: "If you are a freeware author, go nuts." Well, GPLed software is not really freeware, but it is free and not commercial so I hope this release is allowed. For the moment I release the K3b Monkey Audio plugin as a separate package for the reasons metioned above. If you are interested make sure you use at least K3B 0.11 since the plugin API changed, and this plugin does check.Requirements not set proper: · 0.12.xWhat K3b's new in this version: Update · included MACLib · ompiler fixed on AMD64

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