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MADARA for Linux 0.7.11

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April 8 2012


MADARA for Linux 0.7.11


    MADARA or the Multi-Agent Distributed Adaptive Research Allocation suite is a collection of middleware and tools for real-time system developers.

The purpose of The Project is to develop a real-time, fault tolerant agent-based middleware specifically for resource allocation and distributed knowledge and reasoning. MADARA will be composed of several pieces of middleware, and the first of these is the Knowledge and Reasoning Language Engine (KaRL Engine or KaRLE).

On top of the KaRL engine, we have developed a distributed, automated testing infrastructure called the KaRL Automated Testing Suite (KATS). For Android Smartphone automation, we provide a Python Library called the Madara Android Monkeyrunner Library that provides encapsulation of Monkeyrunner, Android Debug Bridge, and logcat functionality to testers.

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