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Sakuraplayer 2.1.7

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April 8 2012


Sakuraplayer 2.1.7


You want to play these songs old Amiga TFMX Linux with KDE3 Nice-based GUI? No problem! This program is almost completed, except for i18n (translation). I probably will not have time to do the i18n stuff, so any help is appreciated.Quick-and-dirty setup guide: First, make sure your points KDEDIR KDE3 Directory (eg " / opt/kde3) and QTDIR points to your Qt3.xx directory (eg "/ usr/lib/qt3"), then run ". / Configure - prefix = $ KDEDIR "Run the program from KDE3 selecting" Sakuraplayer "from the" Multimedia "submenu.Each time to upgrade to a newer version, the splash-screen will be reappearing. Click on this link or wait for ten seconds ... Requirements: KDE 3.2 · • Bash • SDL and OpenSSL · Linux/x86 tested with GCC 3.3 should compile and run on other UN * X-like systems with minor Changes ... not sure if it still compiles with GCC 2.95

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