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Taglog 0.2.4

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April 1 2012


Taglog 0.2.4


Taglog provides an electronic workbook, combining time recording Projects to keep a detailed log of what you do really. Different work items can be marked by project, you can produce, for example, a folder on a particular project, even if your time is divided between a number of articles projects.Work may also be influenced by type of activity - for example, combined the telephone, scheduling, etc. - you can analyze where your time is going by activity. Note that this type of activity is orthogonal to the axis of the project so that - for example - the user support is a project - in the broadest sense What you do - and calls for users - how do you - would activity type. Taglog has been tested on Linux, Solaris and Windows 95 and NT.It uses the clock in this tcl tcl 8.2 - if I am not sure when it appeared - the tcl version is older than this when he use the GNU date command (now - although support for other Forms of control are intended for future versions) Some facilities use tcl8.3 functionality and this version is the version that TCL has been testing the most depth with the program taglog taglog.The is distributed as a tar gzip archive. This is a comprehensive suite of free programs that gives you powerful tools for many Unix on your Windows PC.Installation: Make sure you have installed on your TCL system.Unpack downloaded the tar.gz file in a Directory directory.Change in the temporary directory that contains the taglogdistribution.Enter unpacked install.tcl tclsh command 'system' file taglog be installed in / usr / lcoal / bin, libraries in / usr / local / lib / taglog and Documentation in / usr / local / doc / Requirements taglog: · Tcl / Tk What's new in this version: [read full changelog] · A bug was corrected in taglog_action.tcl for compatibility with Tcl 8.5.

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