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Zak 0.3

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April 5 2012


Zak 0.3


Zak is a tool that converts one or more mp3 files into one mp3 file or mp4/m4a/m4b. The main use of Zak is audio books. Most audio books are distributed in several files, usually one per chapter. The conversion of these files into one file. M4b can take advantage of bookmarking features.Zak the iPod is written in Python using the PyGTK module. Zak is designed for GNU / Linux, but it is probably possible to Get To Work on other systems without too trouble.Requirements: · · Python GTK + PyGTK · · madplay · · vte · ffmpeg gstreamer gstreamer-· pythonInstallation: 1. Locate your download and Unzip: tar xzf zak-0.3.tar.gz 2. cd into the unpacked directory: zak-0.3 cd / 3. Using sudo (or root) to start the installation: sudo python install You should now be able to run zak command line!

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