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Gallery Mage 2.5.0

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April 11 2012


Gallery Mage 2.5.0


Gallery project Mage is a digital photograph of the film Management.Tank Software has developed the platform to cross several (Mac OS X, Linux, Solaris and Windows) of tools to help you organize your digital photos and galleries. Restore the appearance of digital cameras in mass, Tank Software has developed a management tool Bookmarks with them mind.Digital cameras are often able to take high resolution pictures that are much larger than necessary to posting on the Internet, but it is better not to change the original JPEG images as the quality is reduced on every operation such as resize or rotate and can be evident when a real impression is made.Gallery Mage allows to resize, rotate and crop their images, while preserving the digital originals. These operations instead of being performed on the originals are stored as text data, and in copies of images when exporting (eg as low resolutions images destined for the Web and e-mail or high-resolution images for printing). Gallery Mage supports many different gallery display options including: • SPGM Coppermine · · Singapore · · just plain HTML images (by email) Now that no dependancies exist on your gallery displaying software, you can be sure that as your albums needs evolve, your picture galleries will evolve effortlessly with them.Requirements: · Java Runtime Environment (JRE) What's new in this version: · significant speed optimization was done using JAI for image processing. · Improvements have been made to the interface and ergonomics. · The ability to see the pictures or just selected / unselected images was added. · RAW + JPEG support has been improved (for cameras Canon digital SLR).

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