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UFRaw-Assist 0.20

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April 11 2012


UFRaw-Assist 0.20


UFRaw-Assist project will use the command line installation batch UFRaw, combined with the ImageMagick Convert program to apply raw conversion on a batch of similar images. The gross conversion can be done either on the basis of the options in the UFRaw-Assist only a *. ufraw existing ID file created from one image or a "standard" configuration file previously created. UFRaw-Assist uses the new installation of wavelet noise reduction which is being adapted UFRaw by its creator, Udi Fuchs, based on the original DCRAW by Dave Coffin. For this it is necessary to use the CVS version 0.12 UFRaw or when it is released. Images can be converted into several file formats and sharpened with ease mask GIs blur. If necessary, a miniature of the web can be generated with selected frameColor and annotation text. UFRaw-Assist works either through a Servicemenu Konqueror (small group of RAW files, right click and choose "Process raw image") or as a drop-target on the desktop (drag and drop files on the rough ' desktop icon). Requirements: · KommanderWhat New in this version: * Now use exiv2 to retain full exif information both production and maximum size of jpeg images.

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