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I (Heart) Miro

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April 19 2012


I (Heart) Miro


I (Heart) Miro is a Firefox extension that gives you an easy way to support an open-source software! When you shop at Amazon, affiliation fees will be donated to Miro, a non-profit project open-source video software. Help us build open media.Shop at Amazon, support open-source software. Whenever you visit Amazon and did not follow an affiliate link, this extension makes up the Participatory Culture Foundation (developers of Miro) as an affiliate. It costs you nothing and goes to great cause.Here some key features of "Miro I heart": • The extension works by simply adding our referral code to the URL when you browse on Amazon. When you buy something, this fee is refunded at Amazon CPF 501c3 non-profit. · This extension receives absolutely no information about who you are and where you surf - the connection is always made directly to Amazon. You are 100% anonymous to us. · It's super easy to uninstall. · Once you install it, that's it. When you shop at Amazon, a portion of the proceeds will suport our work. You do not have to do something else. · This extension works in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, France, Germany or Japan. · If you follow a referral link to Amazon from someone other site, this extension will not overwrite their code reference. · This extension only works with Firefox, the wonderful web browser open-source Mozilla and Internet Explorer commentsIf 7Developer you have a bug report it might be preferable to deposit with the developer so that they can perform follow up with you. Reviews are not really the place for detailed bug reports and the developer in May require several details in order to recreate the bug. Since we do not make your email address available to extension developers when you post a review, they will not be able to contact you to ask for more details or let you know if the bug was fixed in a next version.Requirements: · Firefox 1.5 - 3.0 .* What's New in this version: · Update supported version to 3.0 .*

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