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DimensioneX 6.4.6

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May 8 2012


DimensioneX 6.4.6


DimensioneX is a free, open source software development kit and management games.Once multiplayer adventure you work on your PC, you can easily develop a basic multiplayer game with the scenes and characters you love. Expand your game dream and invite friends to play! Games can be easily integrated into a Web page. Websites Wordpress plugin can use our multiplayer offering a set of games.Use also creating an interactive multimedia and graphics! Visitors may explore without having to download everything. Here are some key features of "DimensioneX" · Works on any computer, Windows, Linux and Mac. · Unlimited multiplaying massive on the Internet or LAN. Support Multi-games area. · Examples of games included in the source of sounds · materials and music and scripting language for true interactivity · supports your local language (English, Traditional Chinese, Italian, Spanish, French, Polish, Dutch, Russian and Ukrainian are included). · Brackets-round games based games and in real time. Thurs Includes turn-based model. · command in your games. · Support game card, with monitoring of players. · Worlds Multi-zone (clustering) Built-in Save Game function Hall of Fame, and game profiles up · be stored on a file or database mySQL What's new in this version: [read full changelog] Bug fix ·: The fall of solving the screen down has not pre-selected by the aspect ratio of URL parameters.

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