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Gallery Uploader 0.2.2

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April 27 2012


Gallery Uploader 0.2.2


Gallery Uploader is a Python script that can upload pictures to Web Gallery (only versions 2.0 or higher). Gallery Uploader supports multiple galleries. To do this you must save the URL name and password using the-save option, passing a name to the gallery. You can point to this gallery by using the option-G. If there is only one gallery in the configuration, you will not need the option-G, as GUP automatically use that gallery.Creating AlbumsTo create an album, you need the-c option. This option takes three parameters: Parent Album ID: the id of the album where the new album will be created. There is a special album with id "0", which is the root of all albums, but this is not the album you see when you open the gallery Web browser. To find the album "first", you can use the show-child = 0 option; Album name: the name of your gallery will have. In the Web interface, it is the first field called when creating an album. Internally, the name of the directory server where the images are stored (ie, file names invalid results in failure of GUP) Album title: it is the visible part of the album, displayed on the page. In addition, note that there are three parameters and the space is used to separate them. So if you want to add spaces in the name of your album or album title, you need to surround it with quotes as c-7 my_first_album "My First Album" (this will create an album named "My First Album, stored as "my_first_album" in the server, under the album with id "7"). ImagesTo Uploading downloading images, you must create an album (using something like the following example above) or by using the-a option, from the album id. Also, if you do not need the image in your computer after downloading, you can use option-delete option.Requirements : · Gallery (2.0 branch) · 2.4What Python 's new in this version: · added, so now GUP can be installed.

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