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Ice Ice Penguin 1.5.0

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May 2 2012


Ice Ice Penguin 1.5.0


ICE Ice Penguin is a remake of an old game called Sega Dreamcast "Chu Chu Rocket", written in Python / pygame. Two to four players attempt to guide the penguins to safety of the igloo in the center hole of water player. To do this, each player can place up to three of the five arrows of random direction assigned to the field of play. Arrows can be selected using the cursor control in the bottom of the screen, and be placed on any open field using the cursor on the field and the Action button. Each arrow will disappear after after a given time (15 seconds by default) and a new arrow will automatically appear in the control field. The game ends when the ice on the right side of the screen has reached the bottom (after 3 minutes by default) The winner is the player who received the most penguins.Controls: The default controls are set for the French keyboard (AZERTY), so you might need to change with the in-game menu.BLUE PLAYER (keyboard) CURSORz FIELD | Q - - d | CURSORw SControl ------- Cuse: [SPACE] Red Player (keypad) CURSOR8 FIELD | 4 - - 6 | 5CONTROL CURSOR1 ------- 3USE: 0 yellow and green are configured to use the PS3 controller by default. Requirements: Python pygame-· What's new in this version: [read full changelog] * Added Mania BEAR & Events SHUFFLE.

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