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LaDa 0.3

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May 3 2012


LaDa 0.3


LaDa project tool.LaDa help a player of darts is a program to make it easier to play darts on a table non-digital darts. It simply does the counting for you.The used is quite simple, click the button that you started and the score is displayed on the right side. He knows much more than can be used for the moment, I will continue to expand, adding more features to the GUI, a larger engine (twice duplicated the test, and 501 is the gamemode already), one possibly a UI.What ncurses-based 's new in this version: · Lada is not really updated anymore, this is just a release of bug .. · Overhaul complete code: much more flexible now, allowing several different interfaces • huge graphical overhaul: now it is really like a game of darts · Now you can have zero.

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