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Mad Bomber 0.2.5

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May 3 2012


Mad Bomber 0.2.5


Mad Bomber project is a SDL-based clone of Activision's 2600 game.Mad Bomber is a clone of Activision's 1981 Atari 2600 classic, "Kaboom!" The Mad Bomber rushes back and forth at the top of the screen and drops bombs which you must catch with your bucket. If one drops, you lose a bucket and go back one level. One or two players can play, using keyboard or mouse. There is also a "versus" mode where player two controls the Mad Bomber.Here are some key features of "Mad Bomber":· Runs on a variety of platforms, including PDAs!· Controlled with mouse or keyboard.· One- and two-player modes, including two-player versus.· On desktop systems, Mad Bomber can be run in a window or fullscreen, in 640x480 resolution.· Mad Bomber optionally supports stereo sound, and includes music. Volume settings can be changed in the options screen.· You can choose to play either with an attractive photo-realistic background, or with a plain (zen) Kaboom!-style background.· A handicap can be set for either or both player, reducing the width of their bucket to half-size.· High score and options are saved.What's New in This Release:· Now takes advantage of SDL_mixer's left/right stereo panning support. (For splashes and explosions.)

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