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mod_log_dbd 0.2

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April 26 2012


mod_log_dbd 0.2


mod_log_dbd package is a module for Apache 2.2 that writes access logs to a database using the APR DBD framework. It's designed for simplicity and speed, and therefore lacks some of the features of other logging modules. It does however automatically create any needed tables and columns.NOTE: At the moment MySQL and PostgreSQL are the only supported databases because I don't know the magic config strings for the other databases supported by DBD.Here are some key features of "mod log dbd":· Store access logs in database tables· Configurable columns (similar to mod_log_config's format specifiers)· Automatically creates tables and columns (when given sufficient privileges)Installation:on FreeBSD As root... cd /usr/ports/www/mod_log_dbdmake install cleanRestart Apacheon Linux, etc Extract the archivecd mod_log_dbd-0.1./configure --with-mysql=[path] --with-apache=[path]apxs -i -a -n log_dbd mod_log_dbd.laRestart ApacheWhat's New in This Release:· Support was added for logging bytes sent and received (I and O columns).· Support for PostgreSQL was added.· Support for local sockets was added.· The UniqueID column specifier was changed fom "I" to "i".· The module defaults to logging the equivalent of the "NCSA combined" format when no columns are specified.

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