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Nanon 0.1

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April 25 2012


Nanon 0.1


Nanon site is simple and neat manager.Sometimes just create a simple static site. Maybe it's for a small business or open source project like this. Or maybe you do not have time to keep a blog and you just want a personal home page. In cases like these, why not avoid the complexities of management systems and content to rely on the good old HTML + CSS? With modern CSS you can separate content from presentation. HTML is a joy to edit and maintain. Pure HTML / CSS sites are easy to store, requiring no special server and you can not do faster than that in terms of page rendering time! The problem you have as models and code reuse. Usually, you want your pages look and have a similar structure (aka model). So you want to reuse elements across pages such as menus and blocks ads. This is were Nanon can help. Check here to learn how to use it.How to Nanon useThe concept is very simple: set a tag that allows you to place the contents of a file anywhere in your HTML code. The tag is and he accepts the parameter file, you specify the relative path to the file you want to include. This way you can keep reusable code in separate files. A typical example is a navigation menu. All pages of the site is to display this menu. If they include the tag Nanon, simply change the file menu and Nanon command will update all site.Usage:. / Nanon [-hr] source_file ... Requirements: · needs Python 2.3 or greater: · Python 2.3 or higher

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