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p-gal 0.3.3

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April 28 2012


p-gal 0.3.3


P-gal is a tool to generate web galleries from a collection of photos. p-gal is a static generator: it is intended to be run offline (though it can generate shtml or php pages). When run, the p-gal generates all the Web pages and links beetwen them to provide gallery.P Nice-gal is a good tool for novice users and experienced users. If you just want to quickly generate a gallery, you can use the script p-gal. If you have any knowledge of HTML and Python, you can modify templates or create your own.You galley can create as many as you can think of with P-gal. If you want to add dynamic functionality to your gallery, you can embed PHP code in your template, and possibly use the p-gal features to differentiate the PHP code for each image.Requirements: New · Python Imaging LibraryWhat in this version: · A binary version has been built. • It does not depend on any library and did not need the Python interpreter.

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