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Redbox13 CSS-editor 1.2

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April 26 2012


Redbox13 CSS-editor 1.2


Redbox13 CSS-editor software offers a way for webmasters to modify their css files in their webbrowser. It also uses a third party program called Editarea.Here are some key features of "Redbox13 CSS editor":· Create CSS in your native language.· Categorize your elements.· Compress CSS Files, remove those useless line breaks, tabs & double spaces.. On a 700 bytes css file it can sometimes save about 100 bytes.· Use css files for database purposes.· Independent function library that you can use very easily to parse css files to 3d php arrays.· Identify & memorize color codes, click a memorized color and the color-hex code is sent to the edit field with one mouse click.· Offers a solution to browser incompatibility problems.Requirements:· Webserver with PHP 4.3++ optionally compiled with GDlib.· Graphical Webbrowser.SetupUnzip to your webserver in some folder. Make sure the permissions are correct (the css files you want to edit need write access). Open index.php for some settings on top. Here you can let the webserver chmod the edited css file's automatically if the webserver process it's UID equals the owner of the php files. Also you can define how much memorized colors need to be displayed, etc.Security message:Do not put this program in a production environment. It has no login or security besides adding a .css reference to your url query after removing every ".css" string from the query. Either build in a decent login solution yourself, or use it on your private webserver. UsageTo start editing CSS files, like the GUI of the program itself, use these kind of urls. Note that the files need write access to actually modify them: main html style:http://localhost/~someuser/somefolder/?fn=adminadvanced editarea style:http://localhost/~someuser/somefolder/?fd=edit_area&fn=edit_arealanguage packs: http://localhost/~someuser/somefolder/?fd=lang/en&fn=enIf you do not use the "fd=**" part in the query, it will check the default css folder if it can find the file submitted in "fn=**" Language packs editing or using css files for database purposes If you ever need to use any of these characters: "{", "}", ";" in your css elements use them respectively like this: "{", "}", ";"Unless the file you edit was requested with a fd urlquery containing the string "lang", the current selected language it's cssfilter will be applied on the contents of the editarea, resulting in recognized foreign language conversion to english when the file is actually saved to disk.Browser CSS incompatibility solutionBy making use of the loader.php file as the default GUI template does, you can create seperate css elements for different user agent strings. The loader.php file ofcourse uses intelligent browser cache checking. Concerning language packs and the third party program EditareaIn the csseditor default GUI template, Editarea is sent the instruction to read a cookie from the CSS editor, containing the language initials, with javascript. The obvious downside of this, is that, when you add more languages in the CSS editor GUI template, the Editarea program also must contain language packs for those languages. /* CSS Comments */Simply said, when you see/type in the edit field "*/;", it will be changed to ";*/" when the file is actually saved to disk.What's New in This Release:· This release adds a filesystem browser, TinyMCE, and support for custom functions for any file type.

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