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Sacred Curry Shooter 0.8.2 Beta

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May 2 2012


Sacred Curry Shooter 0.8.2 Beta


Sacred Curry Shooter is written in Python / PyGame.CHARACTERSOrmrinn: An expert assassin known for his brutal methods. It's fast, has an average loss of endurance and recovery, and an average sized hitbox. His shields are very strong and cheap, but have a very short duration and a slow recovery. He throws knives in combat, it is difficult to aim with, but it can inflict very high damage if used correctly. His charge attack sends six spirals spinning knives from him. Dragonfly: A Youkai controlling dragonflies. It moves slowly and has a large hitbox, but rapid recovery of endurance. His shields are weak, expensive, and do not last very long, but a quick recovery. She summons dragonflies, flying at random on the ground very quickly, and have suffered little damage. His attack charge sends a swarm of dragonflies big wide field.Lieutenant Reed: The second deputy chief of the Quincy Corp. experimental weapons, it moves at an average speed, has a hitbox medium, a loss of 'endurance very fast and very slow recovery endurance. His shields are very weak, but they last longer. They average recovery. It shoots bullets very high damage with a narrow jet effect. His charge attack fires four power lines in front of him.Controls: X = Fire, C = ShieldZ = keys = Move fireArrow Load Requirements: Python pygame-· What's new in this version: [read full changelog] · main change is the implementation of pickling. Other than that, minor bug fixes.

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