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SafelyAway Personal Edition 1.0

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April 28 2012


SafelyAway Personal Edition 1.0


SafelyAway Personal Edition enables you to store/backup your files securely over the Internet. You can simply upload all your data (with encryption) and then organize them by creating, moving, and renaming folders/files.Additionally, only changes to a file are uploaded after the initial upload, so it saves a lot of time on subsequent uploads. It features sorting files by file type. As long as you have Internet connection, you can instantly access your data anytime, anywhere.Here are some key features of "SafelyAway Personal Edition":User-Friendly Interface· The layout of the Graphical User Interface has been designed for the average user in mind. It strives to reduce complexity by incorporating as few components as possible. This approach has resulted in a user interface that is highly intuitive and easy to learn. Data Remains Encrypted At All Times· A principal design requirement for SafelyAway PE is that data must remain encrypted at all times after leaving the PCs. This will ensure data confidentiality whilst on transit through a network and also when it is resting at the remote storage location. Designed For Remote Storage· The adoption of data encryption in addition to the ability to operate over a wide area network enable you to store your data securely and remotely for instant and easy data storage and retrieval as long as there is Internet connection. Private/Public Key Management System· SafelyAway PE employs a sophisticated key management system that utilizes symmetric and asymmetric encryption technologies. You will have possession to both the public and private keys. The Public Key enables you to change your password and allows you access to your data by encrypting and decrypting your data. The Private Key, which is unique to and generated by your PC, is saved in a file meant only for your keepsake. Only you will have access to the file and it gives you the absolute control of resetting lost public key or password. Block Level Incremental Backup· SafelyAway PE employs incremental Delta Block backup, that is, only blocks of data within a file that have changed are sent to the server instead of the complete file. This saves a tremendous amount of time especially so for large files such as Microsoft Outlook. In view of the requirement that data remains encrypted at all times outside the PC, the developers have had to come up with a novel scheme (Singapore patent application no, 200406422-6) to accomplish this ground-breaking feature! Multiple View Options for file location and retrieval (New Feature!)· SafelyAway PE enables you to locate and view the files you have stored via multiple options:- View by File Type: files will grouped by the generic file types like Word Documents/ Spreadsheets/ Presentations/ Photos/ Videos/ Others.- View by Files/ Folders: files will be displayed according to the original directory structure that were previously selected and uploaded.- Organize your stored data via: Creating/ Renaming/ Moving files and folders Ability to Function Behind Firewalls And Proxies· The communication between client and server utilizes the HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP) and this can take place over local area networks, broadband Internet, leased lines, etc. With the adoption of HTTP, reconfiguration of existing firewalls and proxy servers are rarely needed in order to deploy SafelyAway PE in the corporate environment. Automatic Reconnection From Network Interruptions· In an environment where the network connection is not stable and subjected to short outages, SafelyAway PE is able to resume transferring data from the point it was last disrupted. This feature is especially useful while backing up or restoring large files. Automatic Software Upgrading· Whenever the client software is updated with new features or patches, it is "pushed" down and installed in your PC at the time of log in. This will therefore ensure that you will always be using the latest copy of the software. Multi-Platform Operable· The complete client software has been developed in the Java programming language. As such, it will function on any platform that is able to support the Java 2 runtime environment. In addition to Microsoft Windows, SafelyAway PE has been tested on the Linux and Mac OS X operating systems. Furthermore, the user interface has been designed to retain the same "look and feel" across all platforms. Open File Backup· SafelyAway PE is able to backup single files which are concurrently used by another application. Presently, this feature is only applicable to Microsoft's Windows XP operating system with NTFS file system. Multi-lingual User Interface· The user interface is able to support other languages, which comply with the Unicode character encoding standard e.g. Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai etc. Therefore you will be able to store and access files with the relevant foreign character file name.

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