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T++ 0.1 Beta

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April 25 2012


T++ 0.1 Beta


T + + is an engine for running Web applications written in C + +, ie with C + + code embedded in HTML.T + + implements the Web Server Extension using T + + documents instead of the classics. A T + + document is similar to an HTML document, except that the former can contain C + + expressions, statements and other buildings, which will be evaluated to generate the dynamic part of response.When user accesses d first a T + + document, this document is translated into a source C + + class file, then this class is compiled into a shared library that is then shared library dynamically loaded by T + +, and an instance of this class is extracted by calling a special function in the shared library, then T + + forwards the request to the original document in this instance, to use the service () method. This method - generated from the contents of the document T + + - is responsible for generating content that will be returned to the user. In subsequent applications, if the document is newer than the underlying class, the class is rebuilt the same way it was built for the first time, recompiled and reloaded. This is necessary for objects reflect memory T + + content of the document.

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