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Take Out The Mouse 1.0

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May 7 2012


Take Out The Mouse 1.0


Take Out The Mouse is a very entertaining game puzzle where you need a mouse to help find the exit.This is the first game developed by Bertesh Studios in 2001. Take Out The Mouse consist of a small mouse who must find the other exit of the labyrinth, finding his reward delicious ... cheese.The the game has 2 difficulties. The first is the "Easy" difficulty, where our only goal is to find the cheese before our finish time. When we finish this difficulty, we have access to "hard" difficulty here also have to find the cheese before our day ends, we must eliminate all the bats are in the labyrinths of cakes first to be able to access the next level ... But beware, because this bat spit drops of blood that could damage the mouse and could cost him 1 live.Take Out The Mouse has with many labyrinths and funny music that we play throughout the match, earning a fun game for all the family. Requirements: libpng-1.2.12 · · SDL-1.2.11 · · SDL_mixer-1.2.7 zlib-1.2.3

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