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Tales of Middle Earth 2.3.5

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May 8 2012


Tales of Middle Earth 2.3.5


Tales Middle Earth (Volume) is a fantasy adventure game, based on the work of JRR Tolkien. It's a game that emphasizes complex, difficult and varied gameplay over graphics.Hundreds monsters different randomly generated, unpredictable dungeons will try to kill you in various ways, and you counter - if you survive - developing the skills of your choice and wielding artifacts.ToME Mighty 's races from Hobbit to trolls and classes from Swordmaster to Summoner allow many different styles of play and replay value that extends through a Thurs years.The only realistic if your manuscripts and books of spells will burn if you cut a path in lava (unless you won immunity from a suit of armor), you dry up the rivers to cast spells powerful strike at the orcs with blades tailored specifically to kill, summon armies from a simple pole, and even build your own artifacts.There is an entire community to help with the game, and it is far from static - VOLUME is a game developing, always improving. And best of all, it free.What's new in this version: · interface changes: • The X11 and Xaw interfaces now save the dungeon and player when the window is closed. Fixed cpu churning bug that occurs when using certain window managers and Tome is maximized. · Gameplay Changes: · Player speed now set correctly when Demon Hide corruption is activated. · ToME now properly sets various flags Balrog Balrog when the player in form. · ToME now properly teleport flags when teleport corruption is activated. · ToME now uses the file when generating quests princess. · Changes Bigs for generate.c to bring produce to the princess and Thráin rooms. · Also code cleanup code generation room. · Changes Subject: · Slings of Buckland can now be generated. * Added WIELD_CAST the flag all the tools to solve the problems of artifacts when casting spells.

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