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Uborange 0.1

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May 16 2012


Uborange 0.1


Uborange (Ubuntu theme of man) is a bright orange GTK theme with rounded buttons and striped bass . It uses the Murrine engine, but also the Clearlooks engine. It blends well with the icons of the man and the Ubuntu metacity theme.It overglossed follows these guidelines: - orange instead of brown striped bar buttons with rounded tabs gradientsIt is derived MurrinaOranche for commentsThis is Sandrea.Developer the theme first, I did. I hope you like it. Cimi thank you for developing such a wonderful application engine.The on the screenshot is a command processor photo, I developed ( It allows you to apply rounded corners, shadows, perspective, reflections ... a lot of images in minutes rather than hours. As a demonstration Phatch was used to pimp screenshots.Requirements: · · 2.xMurrine GTK 2.x GNOME GTK engine GTK engineClearlooks

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