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w3bfukk0r 0.2

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April 28 2012


w3bfukk0r 0.2


w3bfukk0r is a navigation tool that scans web servers to forced a directory using the HTTP HEAD command and a mechanism based on brute force a list.w3bfukk0r Word supports HTTP and HTTPS, do banner grabbing, and allows faking.Requirements User-Agent: · OpenSSL libssl · · libc6-dev-outings devExample: w3bfukk0r http://nion.modprobe. deStarting w3bfukk0r 0.1Scanning http:/ / / with 76 words words.txtFound (HTTP 200) Found (HTTP 200) Found http: / / / img / (HTTP 200) Found (HTTP 200) Found 4 tracks directories.Server: Apache/2.0.54 (Debian GNU / Linux) PHP/5.1.4-0.1 ~ bpo2Scan finished (5 seconds). What's new in this version: · Many bugs have been fixed. · HTTP and HTTPS proxy support was added. • It is not possible to specify multiple URLs to be scanned. • The manual page was rewritten and expanded, the source and depth documentation was added.

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