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Wendy 0.9.20080117

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April 25 2012


Wendy 0.9.20080117


Wendy software is a Web search engine written in Perl. It works with mod_perl under Apache2. Wendy uses PostgreSQL DB storage.Here are key features of "Wendy" · Fast - Wendy works in mod_perl, which is very close to the Apache Web server. Wendy supports data caching, the results pages of SQL queries and even ordinary scalars. · Flexible - Wendy supports managers and specialized Perl modules, there is no limit to their production and their functionality (or at least I think). · Open - Wendy is built on top of open-source software. • Selections - It supports the reunification DB, Memcached clustering. It also supports multiple languages site Out-of-box.However, Wendy is a young and experimental software yet. Use at your own risk.Requirements: · Apache 2 mod_perl • 2 • PostgreSQL v7.4 or higher · Perl 5.8

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