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yafc 1.1.1

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April 23 2012


yafc 1.1.1


Yafc is yet another FTP client that has a cache directory, file name completion for remote, aliases, colorized ls, recursive get / put / ls / transfers, rm nohup mode, marking (queues), multiple connections, proxy support, and more. It has support for Kerberos authentication and SSH2 (SFTP). Here are some key features of "yafc" · lists cache directory · wide · tab completion alias ls · colored (for example, ls - color, uses $ LS_COLORS like GNU ls) · automatic reconnect timed out connections · recursive get / put / fxp / ls / rm nohup mode transfers · · multiple connections open simultaneously marking · (queues) · very configurable · autologin and bookmarks · automatically enters nohup-mode when SIGHUP received (GET and PUT) · redirection to local command or File · · proxy support Kerberos support (version 4 and 5, Heimdal, KTH-KRB or MIT) support · SSH2 (SFTP) · free! What's New in this version: • Applied patch by Mark Schreiber check errno . · h in less difficult sysconfdir · setting from configure honored (thank you to Toru TAKAMIZU) Port SSH alternative now accepted (thank you Henk Csaba) · fix applied to Eduard Bloch that adds a setting for options configurable by the user · SSH uses SI prefixes for binary multiples (KiB, MiB, GiB) being transferred · Fixed a bug when you press Ctrl-D user input (request) , narrated by Robin Breathe · Applied patch by Thomas Habets, fixing a leak file descriptor Fixed l'option "-s" parameter to the fxp "command (patch by Julien Antille) · Includes large patch file support by Eduard Block · Applied patch from Eduard block which has improved the help command • Applied patch by Martin Pitt that solves the problem in errno.h makepath.c

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