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zblast 1.3

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May 3 2012


zblast 1.3


zblast project is a simple but manic shoot-em-up game.There are versions for both svgalib and X.There's also a cut-down port/rewrite for the Sinclair Spectrum, which fits in 4k. :-) I did that one as an entry for the 2003 Minigame competition.Requirements:· svgalib· X11R5/R6· usleep()· gccWhat's New in This Release:· Fixed exploitable (to give group-id games) buffer-overrun in hi-score-writing. · Finally gave in and added auto-fire, but only when run with `-autofire', and at the cost of disabling high-score saving. Thanks to Oohara Yuuma for contributing the code, and to "Ariel" for also suggesting auto-fire support. · Fixed brokenness on second repeat of the levels. Thanks to Oohara Yuuma for spotting this.

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