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K Executable Viewer 0.1

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May 31 2012


K Executable Viewer 0.1


K Executable Viewer is a KDE file executable. Kbview - also known as the K Executable viewer - is a program that is designed to allow you to browse most executable formats. At present only ELF is supported.This program is currently in pre-alpha. While I have a general idea of how I want the development to proceed, and I am taking steps to achieve this goal (the release that is on this page is not code Bleeding Edge), it is not there yet. I published this code only as a proof of concept, and hope that anyone who finds it useful to help it.In short, all is not implemented, and not everything is implemented works. Also, everything is implemented is in its final state, even if it does work.At present, you can: Open the executable files, a list of sections, view the channel, a symbol, and note tables (Note though that support is now Half-Assed), and partial support for demangling symbols is also provided.

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