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NAF 0.6.0

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June 19 2012


NAF 0.6.0


NAF is aggregated Flow Nets toolchain. NAF is the aggregated toolchain Flow Nets. Tools NAF create and manipulate basic NAF IPFIX file format, designed as a common format for global analysis of network flow. The most important difference between aggregate flows and is believed that the divisions NAF format and flow of materials from bins of constant size time. Information on the exact time of beginning of each flow and the flow time is lost.The Nets aggregate cash (NAF) toolchain currently consists of four tools. nafalize is the normalizer NAF aggregator, which reads IPFIX files (such as those produced by YAF), 2.0.6 Argus flow data format RA, SiLK data stream RW or existing NAF aggregated flow, and aggregate in the time and feed bins key based on an aggregate expression nafalize. Filters nafilter existing data NAF drill files NAF. prints nafscii NAF files as separated by spaces, ASCII files into columns for manipulation by utilities that can handle space-separated text. inserts nafload NAF files in a relational database via AirDBC the AirCERT Database Connectivity layer.BuildingNAF requires glib 2.6.4 or later.NAF requires libairframe 0.6.6 or later.NAF requires version 0.6.0 or libfixbuf requires later.nafload AirDBC version 0.2, 0 or later.nafalize input support package requires YAF 0.6.0 or later (specifically, the decoding packets and YAF's library defragmentation libyafrag). nafalize SiLK input support requires SiLK 0.11.0 or later.The NAF applications also require libnaf included library, which implements NAF file I / O. This library is built and installed with the distribution of tools NAF, and may be required by other software that interacts with NAF.NAF uses a reasonably standard autotools-based build system. The process of building use (. / Configure & & make & & make install) should work in most environments. Note that NAF is libairframe libfixbuf,, libairdbc and libyafrag using pkg-config (1) facilities, so that you may have to set the PKG_CONFIG_PATH variable on the configure command line if these libraries are installed in a nonstandard location other than the prefix that you install NAF General itself.Known IssuesIn, NAF is beta software. Not all reasonable combinations of input and configuration has been tested. Be aware of the NAF before use in production environments.

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