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Nameko 1.9.999.10

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May 23 2012


Nameko 1.9.999.10


Nameko was born as a simple webmail.Now Nameko PHP is much more than that: a set of classes to manage e-mail with PHP.Nameko project can retrieve messages from a POP3 server , parse e-mails, send e-mails via the SMTP server and analyzer so on.The mail has been completely rewritten from the original version: it is now greatly improved, and he can play all types of webmail email . The Nameko has also been rewritten: now it has a very good interface, fast, powerful, with many calling tools.Each advanced webmail is customizable, with a sort of plug-ins system: you can add only the plug -ins for features you really basic version need.The on Nameko is always a script file: if you just set up! technologyNameko Nameko is a set of PHP classes. It requires PHP 5 on server side: it does not work with older versions of the client side PHP.At Nameko need a browser that supports JavaScript and CSS. The best choice is Firefox, or any other Gecko based browsers like Mozilla or Netscape Navigator. It also works with Opera, Konqueror and Internet Explorer for both platforms, Linux and Microsoft Windows. I know there is a problem with browsers for Mac, and I'm doing to fix the communications between the browser and the server, it has been used the AJAX technology and XML: who are the interface to be more responsive and easier to use hope. I am also working on a legacy interface to make the webmail accessible also for older and textual browsers.What New in this version: · This version adds support for multiple languages. • The navigation bar has been completely rewritten to be more user-friendly. Œ It is a lot of other small improvements and bug fixes. • The license was updated to GNU GPL 3.

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