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qBittorrent 1.3.3

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May 25 2012


qBittorrent 1.3.3


qBittorrent is a BitTorrent client written in C + + / Qt4 using the good libtorrent library (by Arvid Nordberg). QBittorrent aims to be a good alternative to all the other BitTorrent clients. The author is Christophe Dumez, French student in computer science (IT). Installation:. / Configuremake & & make install and run installqbittorrentwill qBittorrent expects no problem. Here are some key features of "qBittorrent" · Fast resume unfinished downloads at startup (no need to recheck files) · Unicode Support · connection through the proxy server support · Download only certain files within a torrent · Scan regularly folder and automatically add torrents in abandoning No Download list · Drag 'torrent files to GUI · Limit Upload / Download Speed · Limit number of simultaneous connections · user can configure their sharing ratio · support UDP Tracker · IP Filter support · show the number of its peers, complete / partial sources for each download · Supported languages: English, French, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Korean, German, Catalan, Polish, Dutch, Turkish, Greek, Russian, Swedish Requirements: · libtorrent libboost ·, libboost-filesystem libboost date - Time What's new in this version: [read full changelog] · BUGFIX: Fixed load Web User Interface torrent form · BUGFIX: support of the Unicode corrected in the search · BUGFIX: Fixed a bug that prevented search engines a torrent to appear more than once among all tabs · LICENSE: Added an exception to the license in OpenSSL. · I18N: Updated Finnish translation

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