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June 18 2012




s3d server is a 3D display system that can be used as a 3D desktop environment. s3d project is a database of 3D display system that can be used as environment.There 3D desktop are several reasons for this project, one of influencingones most is boredem. I'm bored and blessed with too much time, and my GPU is pierced as well with all this computing power that remains unused on common desktops.I think a 3D desktop would / could be something very interesting (when it works, because it gives many new possibilities in the design (or possibility confusion among users, based on readers of view). There are / were other projects like 3dwm who died somehow (is not accessible to me) and I do not know whether you system ... Looking Glass Sun seems to be also very interesting, but I have not tried yet ... so my ignorance and stupidity were reasons for this project as well.

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