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w3btorrent 0.1.3 / 0.1.4 Beta

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May 25 2012


w3btorrent 0.1.3 / 0.1.4 Beta


w3btorrent is a simple and light web based torrent client PHP. Here are some key features of "w3btorrent" · Installation in 1 minute with installer online! · Torrents continues even when you log off or close the browser. · Simple and light. · C + + client torrent. (Edited version ctorrent Enhanced ) • No need for a database. · online setup. · online journal. · WAP, start / stop torrents from your cell phone. · Ajax Fast shipping. Torrent file download · server with the URL or file download. · view the status, start, stop, delete torrents. · single user. · Browse downloaded files easier. • Rich medium, both compress and decompress. · support wget. Type a URL and download it, no need to open terminal.Requirements: · Apache or lighttpd + PHP4 · · Optional: BitTorrent and New PythonWhat in 0.1.3 Stable Release: · misspellings fixed · fixed stripos () in a patch for users of PHP4 tmp Fixed a bug with · etc.: byte_change () Fixed a bug with Article · Torrents size, the unit jumped to the next line bug fiexd ·, being check if the path is a file in the Downloads section · RSS with torrents finish those. status we still have issues. This is not too good.What RSS New in 0.1.4 Beta Development Release: JS Fixed error when changing the settings on torrent torrent with one file (content) RSSkeys · wrong are redirected to home w3btorrent menu ·-sections has now link with error messages when w3btorrent is not configured • In paragraph · configure the links to read the sections in configure when not unplugging the correct installation · [ 'setup'] disconnection · JS fix: download () do not add empty values to · fixed field JS: Downloads () with the execution, has been updated not · disk fixed in the configuration of the stream when already got downloaded tracks · showing 0 / 0 in Seed / Leech-tion to the shutdown of 'JS bug in the installer torrent · bencode added better support for the worst-torrent metafiles Fixed misspelled word Updateing update bug fixed • In w3btorrent:: programs · Fixed a bug in the file etc.: · safeExec removed bchunk and tovid Fixed a bug ·, this adds to the default settings · new torrents added better error messages when downloading torrents * Added section <> of error messages in the newspaper · shorted log messages · overall download time than 26 weeks · error message when wrong / no path is defined ctorrent Fixed a bug with showing · newspaper and ddir when it is defined in config.php · better log / Check ddir in · w3btorrent RSS feed for full downloads · renamed pageUploads: $ file $ torrentFile · pageUploads renamed:: file () to torrentFile () · now unable to download internal files (. torrent. xml. bf) · subscribe to the RSS feed and download the torrent file inside! Correction of "do not add value ex post" in the download section after presenting · not redirecting after · additions added a warning when not having all the necessary functions * Added Ajax to download the article · code wap created but not finished

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