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WANem 2.2

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June 18 2012


WANem 2.2


A Wanem WAN Emulator WAN Emulator is intended to provide a real experience of the Internet, during development and testing on a LAN environment. Typically application developers develop applications on a LAN while the target for the same thing could be the client accesses the application by WAN, or even internet.WANem allows the team development of applications Configure a transparent application gateway which can be used to simulate WAN characteristics like Network delay, packet loss, packet corruption, disconnections, Packet reorganization, Jitter, etc.WANem allows emulation WAN characteristics and allowing applications to be tested in a realistic WAN environment before they are moved into production. Wanem is a development strategy which combined it fits into the Linux kernel to perform network emulation and provides the GUI to make it easy to use. Remastering Knoppix Live CD makes it all the more effective it becomes independent of the platform.

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