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yahoo2mbox 0.24

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May 23 2012


yahoo2mbox 0.24


yahoo2mbox is a small Perl script that retrieves all messages from an archive of mailing lists on Yahoo! Groups (there is a sign of author missing somewhere here probably). yahoo2mbox stores them in a local file in MBOX which is recognized by all readers of Unix mail and many other ones.If you do not know what Yahoo! The groups are, you probably do not need this program. But if you want to search the existing archive using your favorite MUA instead of the Yahoo interface as I have may like it. Other nice features include support for localized groups and the age limit Yahoo. Unfortunately, unmangling automatic address no longer works (from December 2003 and probably before) due to a change in presentation algorithm.Requirements Yahoo address: · You need Perl 5.004 (it might work with previous versions, but it ' is the oldest one I tested) and a bunch of modules that can all be found on CPAN, including (but perhaps not limited to) HTTP:: Cookies, LWP:: UserAgent and HTML:: Parser. The program has been tested only on Linux with Perl 5.004, 5.005, 5.6 and 5.8.What's new in this version: This version adds · a - retry option for ReGet all missing messages. • It also adds a - debug option, which saves all the messages the script was impossible to analyze as files for later analysis.

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