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YAMN 0.3

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May 25 2012


YAMN 0.3


Yamn is a simple mail notifier for a Maildir format is used for example with qmail MTA . This program allows you to be alerted when you have new messages by playing sounds.The intention is that you 1. configure this script to meet your requirtements (see CUSTOMIZATION in the script for details) 2. create two icons on your desktop with "YAMNI on" -> Run "" YAMNI off "-> Run" stop "(please see the documentation for your interface for more details) 3. Click on "YAMNI on" to allow mail notifier and "YAMNI off" to deactivate. Whenever there is a problem, you hear the (hopefully correct defined) error sound file. In this case, please enter the corresponding command in a shell to see the detailed error message. Note that new messages are detected using the number of mails in your inbox folder. So, for example when you delete 2 emails from there, and get 1 or 2 new emails within check, he can not recognize new messages. This can be corrected in future with the recognition of time the newly file.In between, choose a small period of verification as a workaround "! Please email me suggestions for improvement or errors! I continue to learn how to write good shell scripts * g *.

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