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Object::Relation::Meta::Attribute::Schema 0.1.0

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July 10 2012


Object::Relation::Meta::Attribute::Schema 0.1.0


Object::Relation::Meta::Attribute::Schema is a Perl module for Object::Relation database store builder. Object::Relation::Meta::Attribute::Schema is a Perl module for Object::Relation database store builder.Synopsis # Assuming MyThingy was generated by Object::Relation::Meta and that we're building # a data store schema. my $class = MyThingy->my_class; print "nAttributes:n"; for my $attr ($class->attributes) { print " o ", $attr->name, $/; print " Column: ", $attr->column, $/; if (my $idx = $attr->index) { print " Index: $idxn"; } if (my $ref = $attr->references) { print " References ", $ref->package, $/; print " On Delete: ", $attr->on_delete, $/; } }This module is provides metadata for all Object::Relation class attributes while building a storage schema. Loading Object::Relation::Schema causes it to be used instead of Object::Relation::Meta::Attribute. This is so that extra metadata methods are available that are useful in constructing the schema, but are not otherwise useful when an application is actually in use.

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