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EarCandy 0.1.1

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August 1 2012


EarCandy 0.1.1


EarCandy music is a juke-box that presents music collections in the somewhat innovative album, artist, title whatever structure.EarCandy underlying directory is written in Python using (currently) the GTK toolkit for the user interface. I will eventually move to AnyGui for user interface, once they release a stable version.EarCandy uses an external drive to play tracks. Unix / Linux, the only player currently supported is xmms. It must be running to play music, EarCandy say he will start for you. And under Windows, Winamp is supported.The main script to execute is " ', cd to the directory and'. / 'to run the application. Users of Windows, simply run earcandy.exe.The first time it is run, it will ask the path you are music files. Enter the path and click 'OK'. It then analyzes the way for MP3 files and add them to an index . It saves the index file, so it was at this time. You will be able to rescan the directory if you add new pieces to reconstruct the main window index.The consists of 4 zones list . In order: * Collections Thereafter you can add external collections and reference the music inside. They are listed here .* artists is a list of all artists in the collection is the album .* list of albums of the artist selected .* Tracks is the track list for the selected album.To play an album or single track, double click it. There is also a context menu when right mouse is pressed an album or track. For the album, this menu contains items to read the album and enqueue the album. It is similar to tracks.Enqueing makes an album or a track to add to the list of songs being played in the music player without disturbing what is at stake.

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