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FAAD2 2.7

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August 1 2012


FAAD2 2.7


FAAD2 is an open source MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 AAC Decoder license.Usage under GPLv2: faad [Options] infile.aacOptions:-h Displays this screen help. -i Displays information about the input file. Write an X-MPEG-4 AAC ADTS output file. Assume-t old ADTS format. -o X Set output file. f-X Set output format. Valid values for X are: 1: Microsoft WAV format (default). 2: RAW PCM data. -b-X Set output sample format. Valid values for X are: 1: 16 bit PCM data (default). 2: 24 bit PCM data. 3: 32 bit PCM data. 4: 32 bit floating point data. 5: 64 bit floating point data. s X-Force sampling rate to X (for RAW files). all the X-type object. The types of items: 1: Main object type. 2: LC (Low Complexity) object type. 4: LTP (Long Term Prediction) object type. 23: LD (Low Delay) type of object. d-Down matrix 5.1 to 2 channel output-w Write to stdio instead of a file. -g Disable gapless decoding. -q quiet - suppresses messages.Examples status: infile.aac faad faad infile.mp4 faad faad-o-infile.aac outfile.wav w infile.aac> faad outfile.wav-a infile.aacInstallation outfile.aac: Run this following commands in a terminal: -vif./configure autoreconf - with-mp4v2makesudo make install Here are some key features of "FAAD2" · Portable · reasonably fast · LC, Main, LTP, SBR, PS support · support DRM by Dream What's new in this version: [read full changelog] · support DAB + Sons: headers of the public house to prevent double reporting · explicitly all types typedef signed · Made sure main prediction can not be started after the first batch · framework to solve the problems of compiling · Bugfix in the calculation of the envelope boundary SBR

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